Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, CrossFit aficionado, weigh lifter, weekend warrior or just consider yourself the athletic type, we all have areas of tightness.  Workouts that emphasize running, lifting and repetitive swinging movements leave the telltale signs of tight hamstrings, quads, hips and shoulders.  Over time these tight areas can cause imbalances.  A great way to fight and correct those areas of imbalance and tightness is with yoga.  Yoga is the missing part of your workout to improve overall flexibility and performance.  It gives you the power to better understand your body.

Here’s what can help:  Yoga for Athletes at Lotus Yoga & Fitness, a practice specifically designed for active people.  Yoga gives you everything you want as an athlete: strength, flexibility, power and stamina.  Yoga makes you less injury-prone, promotes speedier recovery, reduces stress and builds a lean, sculpted physique. 



Typical athletic training includes a lot of strain on the joints and the surrounding muscles where the muscles are constantly being shortened and not lengthened.  Also with repetitive use, over time the main muscles being used get stronger and tighter and the opposing muscles become weaker.  This can put you at a higher risk for an injury. 

Studies have shown that yoga alleviates stress, aids weight loss, eases pain, helps people stick to an exercise routine, and improve. The strength and flexibility developed on the mat, especially in your core, quads, hamstrings, and hips; can help you perform more efficiently and stay injury-free.



BALANCE.  Better coordination and balance can lead to better control over your body, your technique and form.

FLEXIBILITY.  Those tight hips and shoulders you keep complaining about?  Yes, yoga can help them.  Imagine … better range of motion and reducing the tightness and restrictions you feel.

STRENGTH.  Yoga can help strengthen those weaker, underdeveloped muscles and lengthen out the more utilized ones, creating a more balanced body.

FOCUS.  Yoga can be humbling to even the seasoned athlete.  It takes time and patience to listen to your body, learn its strengths and weaknesses and accept that yoga is a practice, not a competition.  Holding challenging poses builds tenacity.  Yoga poses give more than just strength, they can help build mental endurance.  This can benefit you on those long runs, rides, swims tough competitions and everyday life. 

INJURY PREVENTION.  Injuries often plaque athletes, for example, some athletes can have weak backs and sometimes weak cores as well. 

Your yoga practice should have a complimentary relationship with your training:  When you’re increasing mileage and having hard workouts, stick with relaxing sessions.  When your training eases up, you can increase the intensity and frequency of your yoga workouts.  If you take on a rigorous practice in the middle of a hard training time, you’ll interfere with your body’s recovery and risk hurting yourself but overburdening your muscles. 

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