Yoga and Body Image conference at Kripalu

Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 4:43PM

Yoga and Body Confidence


I recently attended a 4 day workshop at  the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on “Yoga and Body Confidence, Acceptance, Positivity and Empowerment.”  The presenters of the classes included Erica Mather, Seane Corn, Cyndi Lee, Dianne Bondy, Chelsea Jackson, Chelsea Roff, and Teo Drake. These incredible teachers led us through workshops, yoga and meditation practices, and empowered a group of over 40 individuals.


My mission when opening Lotus Yoga in Ormond Beach was to continue to be an advocate of positive Body image through the practice of yoga, to have my studio be a place where yoga is accessible to every BODY, and to help students find a connection to their body that included self care and self love. This workshop was exactly what my mission embodied.


On the first night of the workshop we were asked to set an intention for the week. Mine was to “learn as much as I could and bring all of the great information back to my students and my community. “  After 4 days of living in a serene, quiet yoga retreat which included silent meals, no cell phone use in public, no TV’s, walks in the woods of the Berkshire Mountains, amazing yoga classes, and eating delicious organic nutrient dense foods, I found myself shifting. I felt myself relax. I felt myself slowing down. I embraced the alone time. I acknowledged that what I came to the workshop TO DO was far different than what I was experiencing. I went into this as a “business trip”, and realized very quickly that it was the rest and relaxation trip I so desperately needed. The workshop classes were enlightening and empowering and reminded me that SELF CARE was something I had not been doing on a regular basis. I NEEDED to detach from the tech world, from the noise and the chatter in my head. I never had the opportunity to use their healing arts program (massage, Ayurveda , etc) but the solitude, and the peacefulness tucked away in the mountains was the best gift I received from this trip.


We were asked in the last session what our intention was after the 4 days, and I stated that “I was going to practice radical self love, carve time out for myself every day, and continue to share my mission.” I encourage everyone to set an intention as we enter the craziness of the Holidays to take care of yourself every day, to plan a get away by yourself…even for just a few hours…and remember that you are Enough, just the way you are.


Yoga IS for Every BODY, regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, religion, size or shape. Lotus Yoga is a studio that is and will always be, a judgment free, safe place for anyone to practice yoga and meditation.




Dianne Bondy
Dianne Bondy

Yoga and body image conference
Yoga and body image conference


Lake at Kripalu
Lake at Kripalu

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