What is a Yoga Teacher's Role?

Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 3:43PM


My role as a yoga teacher is to guide my students through their practice. Every BODY is different so no two postures will ever look the same. I give the tools to allow someone to feel their asana, and to feel their connection to their body. There are “picture perfect” postures that look pretty on the cover of magazines or on Instagram, but there is so much more to a student’s own pose.


My role as a yoga teacher is not to mold you into how I think you “should” look. I want your practice to be YOUR practice. What does the pose feel like to YOU. Do you need to modify and back off? Or do you need to move deeper into the posture? I can make adjustments to a student’s posture to help them get deeper into their pose….but I do not move them into something simply because I think they should be able to touch their head to their knees because it would look pretty! Through the years I have come across teachers who try to manipulate the student’s body because they think they have failed as a teacher if the student doesn’t look picture perfect. I want my students to simply move through their practice, to connect with their breath and to feel the sensations of that fluid movement. I don’t want my students to “think” during class…I want them to move, and to get out of their heads, and just let me guide them.


Every teacher has their own style, and their own yoga lineage that they tend to follow. My training is in Ashtanga, which is the basis of all yoga postures. I am fortunate that  MY teacher was trained by Tim Miller, who was trained by Sri K Pattahbi Jois (Guruji) -the developer of Ashtanga Yoga. These senior teachers taught my teacher, who taught me. The history of that lineage is profound to me…that many years of knowledge has been given to me as a gift, and my role is to continue giving that gift through my teaching. I encourage my students at Lotus Yoga and Fitness to HONOR their bodies and move in a way that feels good to them. It is my job to make sure they are being safe and that their alignment is safe, but I am not there to manipulate their bodies in a way that I think it SHOULD look.


When you are a student in my class, I will do my best to help guide you in YOUR practice, to give you the knowledge that has been given to me, and to help you connect your mind, body and spirit…..


“Do Your Practice and All is Coming”- Sri K Pattahbi Jois



yoga in Ormond Beach
yoga in Ormond Beach

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