Quality Over Quantity and why it's important:

Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 1:10PM


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY and why it’s important:


For many years, until I was in my late 30’s, I was a highly competitive runner and triathlete. Early in my career, I had a well-balanced training schedule with a lot of cross training (running, biking, swimming, weights). I rarely got hurt. Then I decided to “up my game” as I was trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials Marathon. Everyone else was running 80-100 miles per week, and race their times were getting faster. So I decided to give up my cross training and focus only on my running mileage. I went from running 35 miles per week to 75 or more miles per week. My run times got faster. A LOT faster. I was well on my way to meet the qualifying time I needed. So I started running more…..longer, faster, more hill work, more speed work. Because MORE means BETTER right??? Well, that’s not what happened to me. My body started to break down…..QUICKLY. I suffered a stress fracture in my Sacrum 6 weeks away from the qualifier race and I had to stop running completely for 8 weeks. Then a nagging pain in my ankle that I had chosen to ignore for many months during all of my training turned out to be a tear in the Peroneal Tendon of my ankle and required surgery. Three more months off. There went my dreams of qualifying, and I was devastated that all of that training went to “waste”.


But it didn’t. There was a very big silver lining in this lesson. I saw first hand how the QUALITY of my training was replaced with QUANITITY. Quality training with quality workouts was what kept my body healthy and strong. It is also at this time that I began a regular yoga practice to heal from the injuries. This of course led to a new LOVE and where I believe I was truly meant to be…..on my yoga mat, and eventually owning/teaching yoga at Lotus Yoga and Fitness.


During all of this time I was also a Personal Trainer and always preached QUALITY over QUANTITY with my clients during our workouts, but was not following my own advice. It is a mantra I have come back to many times now in the last several years and find it coming around again as I work with my students in my studio in Ormond Beach.


Quality of our breath and of our movements on our mats enables us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. It allows us to let the PRACTICE get us deeper into ourselves, rather than us trying to push ourselves deeper where the body doesn’t want to go. Listen to your body, let go, be mindful, and acknowledge your limitations. Allow the practice to guide you.


But one can also take this “practice” of quality over quantity OFF of the mat. In the land of social media where we have 500 “friends” on Facebook and 1000 “followers” on Instagram, where is the QUALITY of those relationships. I personally would rather have 3 very close friends, than 20 acquaintances. So I focus on the quality of my close relationships, my daily habits, and my goals. I try not to fill my schedule with a lot of “STUFF”, but rather focus on a few important things that need to be accomplished each week. Finally, the quality of my relationship with MYSELF is now and always will be the most important thing in my life. If I don’t take care of ME first, by nurturing my body , mind and spirit, I cannot effectively take care of things I need to do in my daily life.


Make time for YOU. Choose quality over quantity. DO LESS. And live with intention.




Namaste, Debbie

yoga ormond beach
yoga ormond beach

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