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Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 4:04PM

Debbie's monday night Vin Yin yoga class


In the past few weeks I have had several people who have never practiced yoga with me say, “ I can’t take your yoga class it will be too hard !”. I am always shocked by that at first, but then I realize that Ahhhhh…….my past precedes me!


Many of my long time friends know me as the competitive Marathon runner, triathlete and push- you- hard Personal Trainer. I was INTENSE, driven and worked out HARD. I liked to run fast, cycle fast and work out hard in the gym. I still like to do that….. but my mentality and my intensity is MUCH different now then several years ago. People who have met me in the last few years would not recognize the “old” me…..the “competitive athlete” me. And I am very happy about that because part of what made me a competitive athlete also made me very hard on myself, made me fear any type of failure, and made me physically and mentally exhausted. That old me has been put to rest. My personal yoga practice is not my “work-out”. I work out in the gym or on the roads, and I also practice yoga. Yoga is my “work- in”. It is where I find balance, surrender, and a quiet mind.


I first fell in love with the physical practice of yoga many years ago…..and then I fell in love with how quiet my mind became when I did my practice, how I learned to accept my body as it was each day, and how I enjoyed a gentler, more mindful practice.  THIS is how I teach. Yes, I sometimes teach a more “challenging” class and I like to get my students out of their comfort zone occasionally, but I also teach a gentle, meditative class, which for some is also “challenging” --- being still, being quiet, being present is not always “easy”! I still enjoy doing a strong physical personal practice, but my intention behind it is far more mindful.


When I work with my students, I see their body in movement. I see under the skin, I see muscles, tendons, ligaments and how they are moving through space. This comes with years of experience (being a personal trainer since 1992 and a college degree based on human anatomy and physiology), but it is also a gift. I see where the body is tight, where it is open, and where I, as a teacher, can enable my students to find space in their body…..and ultimately make that connection to the mind and spirit.


So don’t be afraid to practice with me! I don’t bite and I’m not going to make you do more than what is right for YOUR body. I pride myself that I have beginner students in a class standing next to someone who has been practicing for 20 years. Each person is guided by me to do their own practice, within their limitations and modifications. Yoga is NOT about being able to touch your toes, or putting your leg behind your head! Its about being connected to your breath, listening to your body, feeling the sensations of every pose, and quieting the mind. That’s it.


I invite you to find balance in your life though the practice of yoga.

I invite you to practice with me.




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