"Your current situation is not your final Destination"

Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 2:10PM


Timber Hawkeye, author of “Buddhist Boot Camp,” is coming to my yoga studio in Ormond Beach on July 16,2016. He is on a cross country book tour for his latest book, “Faithfully Religionless”. How did I get him to come to my studio??  Simple…..I ASKED! I e-mailed him, he responded, and the rest is history. Many times we go through our lives not asking for what we want or need, and this time I decided to take a chance because what was there to lose? I am an avid fan of his books, and I read from them in my classes at Lotus Yoga and Fitness, so I am extremely grateful to be able to bring him to my community for a free event!


One of his recurring themes in his writings is how we label our feelings and emotions as good or bad, or that when we say “I am angry” we are now labeling ourselves as an angry person, rather than saying that we simply feel angry RIGHT NOW. I have personally been paying attention to this in my life and trying to be mindful of how often I do this. Many times when I feel upset others will give advice or try to “talk me out of” my current mood…….when really I just want to BE angry or upset, in this moment, and sit with it until I’m done being angry or upset. By sitting with it, I am able to look at all factors of why I feel this way, accept it, and move on.


One of his messages is this:


“Your current Situation, is not your final destination."


"Everything is temporary (it's amazing we often try to convince ourselves otherwise). Enjoy the good times (because they don't last forever), and don't worry about the bad times (they don't last forever either). Better yet, stop labeling them as "good" or "bad".. zoom out to understand they're just part of a much bigger picture. “


So instead of beating yourself up for feeling a particular way, just realize its just a feeling. They come and they go. You may be angry or sad right now, but tomorrow you may be happy and joyful. So try to learn to just BE in the moment. Be kind to yourself, and allow feelings to come and go as they will. I truly believe every day, situation, event is a stepping stone and a learning experience to us becoming OUR best version of ourselves.


Namaste, Debbie

yoga in ormond beach
yoga in ormond beach

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